Attesta AI

Amazing AI-based document discovery to Reduce your review time by 70%

What is Attesta AI?

Attesta AI is a one stop platform for users to experience next-level automated summaries with optimized report processing and character recognition via an Artificial Intelligence-powered engine. Your scanned pages now have information and field reports that is categorised based on requirements, all it requires is to allow the machine to learn and automate the process for the first time.


One of our big law firm client in USA was using a manual method to scan and add the list of cases to analyze a case based on summaries, records and incidents with scenarios date wise. It was a time-consuming process as it was over 10000 pages and plotting keywords and subject metrics was difficult which was taking days to get the job done.

CDS Solution Approach

We developed a system named Attesta to automate business records using an AI engine, and derive information and knowledge from those records. The system can take any document format - from quality assurance documents, SOP documentation, to batch records - to create a relation and generate output built on entities (report) based on the user’s needs.


  • The user can automate and convert raw documents into informational records
  • The user can derive information and knowledge using Keywords
  • Generate a glossary and create tags for the user to view similar keywords on different pages.
  • Track process updates online
  • Character recognition and field management via AI and machine learning
  • Structured record management
  • Meticulous summary with simplified formats for clear understanding.
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere

Technology Stack


In the end, the client saw the real benefits of our AI system that understands the scanned report by reading through the lines and identifying its relevance irrespective of direct specification. This AI system can take any document format to create a relation and generate output.

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