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Email nurturing techniques and adapting to 2020 trends

A lot of things tend to change as time marches on, including your marketing goals. That doesn’t mean you have to start over fresh – it means that you’ll have to approach objectives with a renewed mindset.


In the marketing industry email marketing is leveraging more resources than ever before. Using new, innovative tools and actionable insights are becoming normal operating procedure.

Put yourself on the track of success in 2020 with a renewed focus on marketing trends.

Here are a few tips that’ll help you excel with an email marketing strategy in 2020.

Use insights and not just data

There is no denying the fact that successful marketers make productive decisions relying on data. However, at a certain point all that data can become overwhelming. Conversion rates, click-through data, traffic trends, open percentages, bounce rates, retention data – all of it is important, but it’s a whole lot of numbers to keep track of. Time is highly valuable and you’ll not always have time to translate this data into actionable insights. In fact, in 2020, more marketers will be turning to tracking tools to get this job done for them.

Tracking tools offer everything from recommendations about landing pages to benchmarking the performances of your blogs.

The benefit to you is that you now don’t have to analyze the data yourself.

Shoppable social media posts

Social media has earned a comfortable spot as a marketing mainstay. In 2020, the only thing that will change is the way social media posts are being used, namely as a purchased gateway.

For decades, marketers have tried various ways to put their product offers in front of as many customers as possible, and social media present the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Social media posts are no longer about content sharing, promoting brands, or about keeping conversations going on. They now function as a one-click sales tool.

With a simple click on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts, users can populate their payment information to confirm a purchase for a product that was promoted on one of these platforms.

Minimalist email design

Users receive a great number of emails from brands; any business needs to stand out from the crowd to make any headway. But when it comes down to creating eye-catching emails, most people tend to believe that bright images and colors grab attention. Interestingly, it seems the opposite is true. Plain text emails tend to do better as they are more clear and authentic. Thus there’s no doubt that minimalist email designs help to sell more.

Customers crave authenticity in the era of overly-polished ads and paid posts. So, sending simple emails helps to humanize your brand and establishes an emotional connection with your target customers.

This also means that organizations can stay one step ahead of their competitors in the industry who focus more on their products than the customers and their needs.

Minimalist designs help in optimizing email load time, deliver a polished brand message, and keeps a focus on the offers and not the image. Some organizations run email campaigns providing customers with gift ideas and share promo code that encourages them in taking action faster. With minimalist email design. It doesn’t take much time or effort and lets you focus on the main idea of the message.


Personalization is the cornerstone of email marketing. It can be easily used on nearly any channel. The best part of it is that it helps to maintain a personal connection with the audience no matter how big it is.

The truth in today’s marketing world is that 90% of the audience is likely to favor personalized content. Content that focuses on their buying needs and browsing habits – not just the something that features their names or other personal data. Personal emails are a lot easier to do than you may realize by focusing on segmentation. Segmented lists allow marketers to group like-minded users and make a targeted, personalized marketing campaign strategy.

Throw in some individual personal touches and make your recipient feel like they are your company’s primary focus. Personalized content should always be a part of your email marketing strategy in 2020.

Video content popularity

Over the last few years, online video content has gained popularity. Today, all other things being equal, people prefer spending their time watching videos than reading content. It has now become one of the favorite types of content for a large audience. 90% of customers feel that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process. It’s much easier to show off your product with video content because it lets you clearly explain how to use it and even helps to build brand authority.

When it comes to incorporating videos into email marketing strategy, create interactive emails that deliver business results. Plus, more and more brands use motion graphics to show off the product and service to the customers.

Create Intelligent Content Fueled by Accurate Prospect Data

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