Successful lead generation

Strategies and trends for successful lead generation

The core task of any business is to acquire new customers; without them, there is no scope for growth and revenue. Generating leads is not only about turning customers into sales leads, but also about building a long-term relationship with them and expanding business opportunities. Businesses that pay good attention to the quality of lead generation marketing see that their brand has gained more trust, brand awareness has increased, and there is an in-flow of cash.

Lead vs. lead generation

A lead is a potential person or a company that shows interest in your product or service by willingly engaging with your company on social platforms, responding to your sales emails, contacting for queries, etc. Or put simply, a lead is prospective customer contact. Lead generation aims to stimulate the interests of these potential leads according to their buying stage. We then communicate with them and convert them into buyers. This process is done through different online marketing channels.
One must understand that lead generation is not a one-time thing. It is a continuous process that requires consistent evolution. It’s vital to keep up with the trends of your ever-evolving customer base and act upon them because the strategies that worked last year may not work this year.

Trending lead generation strategies in 2022

  • ABM – Account-Based Marketing

    ABM drives personalized and focused interactions at an account level to establish a strong connection with the person reading your message. Instead of casting a wide net, you concentrate on the accounts of a clearly defined set of best-fit leads. It is where you tailor your message according to the recent events in your existing qualified lead set of target accounts– from recent appointments, work history, recent achievements, and more. By incorporating a valuable insight into the subject line, you catch their attention and keep them engaged with an interactive and dynamic-content email with clickable elements. Highly personalized content translates into increased engagement.

  • On-Page Lead Qualification

    Most lead generation strategies end with unwanted prospects on your lists. Such as the prospects that don’t match any of your target buyer personas, were never interested in buying from you, are from different demographics, and so on. Such leads are of no significance to your business – in other words, they’re simply not worth pursuing. On-page lead qualification is one of the best ways to qualify leads that bring value to your business. It is the process of determining which prospect deserves a place on your list of leads. By creating a friction-free sign-up process, you capture lead data and then push them for more details after they’ve signed up. When you pair on-page lead qualification with automated tools, you significantly cut down on manual work and speed up the lead generation process.

  • Leverage LinkedIn

    Did you know that LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating leads than Facebook or other social media networks? With millions of active users, LinkedIn is an integral platform for establishing your products and service to engage your key audience demographics. Posting valuable content with visual elements will boost engagement and draw the target audience to your profile. When your audience shares your posts, they leave breadcrumbs all along their path, building curiosity around your brand.

  • Conversation-based lead generation

    AI is finding its way through many industries and scenarios and can potentially add value to better lead generation. Prospects these days expect a quick resolution to their inquiries and problems, and marketers need to have a fast lead response time. Sophisticated chatbots drive enhanced business communication and near-instant responses. These bots can collect lead data such as names, contact numbers, and email addresses from customers. Chatbots are available 24/7 allowing you to help customers, secure conversions, and save resources.

  • Power up lead generation using Intent Data

    Intent data is on the rise in 2022. It is a set of behavioral and contextual signals that helps you identify those decision-makers that show readiness or likelihood to buy, almost in real-time. Online users leave a trail of signals such as topics searched, page clicks, keywords used, time spent on a page, and so on. With the strength of these signal records, it’s easy to identify hot leads more efficiently. With these records in place, creating target marketing campaigns more precisely and effectively is much easier.

  • Outsourcing is the new normal

    Lead generation is a lot of work! Companies spend a lot of money on lead generation campaigns and hiring resources devoted solely to lead generation. Today, innovative companies choose to outsource their lead generation campaigns to a trusted third-party company while they spend time and resources on core tasks. It is notably an intelligent solution to cut expenses on the in-house team and outsource it to experts with a proven record of successful lead generation campaigns.

CAP Digisoft is your outsourcing partner

CAP Digisoft Solutions is a leading provider of lead generation services with a decade of expertise. Our data scientists and sales experts are highly proficient in generating leads using the best strategies, tools, and technologies to engage with your customers.

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