Simplified Reality Checker

What is Bussopi?

Bussopi is a high-level identity validator APP to identify and manage information of an individual accurately with a high degree of reliability. The information contains complete legal certified documents along with physical, health and personality behaviour of an individual.


There are several tools and apps available that use retina and biometric recognition for verification purposes. One example is a biometric authentication system that uses a combination of retina and fingerprint scanning to verify a person's identity. But none of them found to be interactive and has a study about the individual’s health and personality behaviour.

CDS Solution Approach

We came up with Bussopi, simple yet powerful way to view and identify information that can be easily integrated with other systems, such as access control systems or time and screen systems, to provide a seamless verification experience.The screening process and validation metrics is highly secured and innovative, the persona insights and behaviour can be viewed according to the set parameters.


Perfect Platform to connect and validate individual persona by

  • Creating Profiles (Individual or Company)
  • Sign up and add Data To fields.
  • Face Recognition and Character Detailing
  • Fetch Legal Document.
  • Understand persona.
  • Detailed Report of Geographic and Sentimental analysis.
  • Generate Report on Health and disease diagnosis.

Technology Stack


This system is created with multiple user profile case study and has the integrity to suit high security settings, such as government agencies and military bases, as it provides a high level of accuracy and security.

Other Case Studies