Efficiently organize your closet within the app.

What is Closet? Closet offers an efficient closet management and outfit planning. Seamlessly schedule your outfits and receive daily suggestions tailored to your local weather, thanks to our advanced AI. The integration with the mirror takes your experience a step further, allowing you to visually assess how your chosen outfit fits. Experience convenience, style, and confidence in your daily wardrobe choices with this all-in-one solution.


Professionals with hectic schedules often find it challenging to organize and plan their wardrobes. AI-driven closet management apps simplify the process, offering quick outfit suggestions based on their daily agenda and local weather.

CDS Solution Approach

Introducing Closet our innovative closet management app powered by AI, designed to simplify and elevate the wardrobe experience for fashion enthusiasts. Users can effortlessly plan, schedule, and explore diverse looks while staying connected to the latest fashion trends.


  • Closet Organization
  • Outfit Scheduling
  • Weather-Based Outfit Suggestions
  • Time-Saving and Convenience
  • Fashion Inspiration
  • Mirror Integration
  • Personalized Styling

Technology Stack

  • Figma

Conclusion Closet mobile application aims to simplify and enhance the user's daily clothing decisions, offering convenience, time savings, and a personalized approach to fashion through intelligent closet management and outfit suggestions. The integration with the mirror adds a novel dimension to the user experience by allowing them to visually assess outfit choices.

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