Online learning platform with mini interactive games based on the topics

What is Intellicue?

Intellicue is an innovative online learning platform designed to support individuals in enhancing their mental health through a variety of engaging tools. Administered by the system's administrator, the app encompasses assessments, educational courses, and mini interactive games, forming a comprehensive online learning platform.


Traditional online learning often faces challenges related to learner engagement, passive participation, and low retention rates. Students may struggle to maintain focus during remote lessons, leading to decreased understanding of complex topics. A lack of interactive elements can contribute to disinterest and hinder the overall learning experience.

CDS Solution Approach

We developed this system, encompassing assessments, courses, and interactive games, is designed as a pivotal tool for individuals dedicated to bolstering their mental health. Tailored for a diverse spectrum of users, it caters to students grappling with academic stress, professionals navigating workplace challenges, individuals seeking support for anxiety or depression, and those on the journey to overcome addiction.


  • Assessment
  • Customized Learning Paths
  • Educational Courses
  • Interactive Games
  • Progress Tracking
  • Live Webinars
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Games and Interactive Activities

Technology Stack

  • Figma


This app aims to provide a comprehensive and supportive environment for individuals overcoming drug addiction, integrating education, assessments, games, and community engagement to promote lasting mental health improvements.

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