J&P services+

Allows guests in J&P-partnered hotels to check in, request services.

What is J&P services+?

Through the app, guests have the convenience of checking in, requesting various hotel services, and even managing their accommodation details. The functionality extends to room customization, allowing guests to change their rooms based on preferences.


In the hospitality industry, traditional check-in processes and service requests often lead to inefficiencies, long queues, and potential delays in meeting guest expectations. The need for a modern, guest-centric solution has become imperative to provide a more convenient and personalized hotel experience..

CDS Solution Approach

We developed this application, for individuals with dynamic travel plans, tech-savvy preferences, and a desire for a contactless experience. The partnership with J&P adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing guests to access additional services seamlessly.


  • User Authentication and Profile Management
  • Booking and Reservation
  • Service Requests
  • Room Management
  • Restaurant Information
  • Integration with J&P Services
  • Digital Key and Check-In/Check-Out
  • Notifications and Communication
  • Localization and Maps
  • Security and Privacy

Technology Stack

  • Figma


This application transforms the hotel experience, meeting the diverse needs of modern travelers while optimizing hotel operations for a more efficient and guest-centric approach.

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