A client who runs a law firm approached us to discuss the possibility of sorting and deduplicating their Medical records as they found it extremely time-consuming and required an excessive amount lots of human resources.

Our Solution Approach

Prospect Database Cleansing


Our approach was to make it easier for law firms to retrieve their records. To reduce the time and resources involved in the sorting process, an E-Sorting application was developed to enable easy and quick retrieval of records for litigation processes.

New Prospect Identification


The files are fed as input into the system where they are assigned to appropriate human resources with the E-sort app. These users identify the parameters to code the record for sorting via a user-friendly Interface. Once the coding is done, the system automatically identifies the duplicates and creates deduplicated records for sorting., The system also has options for quality control, which is performed by a separate set of users. Once the Q.C check is done, the system creates the final de duplicated document for the law firm’s review.


This system reduced the time involved in the manual deduplication and management of the sorting processes.


The clients saw the benefits of the e-sorting application that provided them with ability to quickly retrieve data for their litigation cases, within a click.

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