Frontera Search Partners, a leading healthcare staffing firm, faced challenges in efficiently reaching prospects, setting meetings, and converting customers. To overcome these obstacles, Frontera sought the expertise of CAP Digisoft, a renowned provider of Sales Development Representative (SDR) services. This case study outlines how CAP Digisoft's SDR services transformed Frontera's outreach process, substantially increasing conversion rates.

Frontera Search Partners specializes in providing healthcare staffing services for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. With over 20 years of experience, they focus on staffing physicians, advanced practitioners, and allied health providers into temporary staffing assignments. Their team of search partners collaborates closely with each client and candidate to ensure that all parties benefit from their best practices.

However, Frontera struggled to optimize their sales outreach and follow-up processes, which led to missed opportunities and lower conversion rates.

Challenges faced

Frontera faced several challenges that hindered its sales performance:

  • Limited resources for prospecting and outreach efforts
  • Difficulty in identifying and connecting with the right decision-makers
  • Inefficient and inconsistent follow-up processes
  • Low conversion rates

CDS Solution Approach

CAP Digisoft's SDR services were implemented to streamline Frontera's outreach process, allowing them to effectively send emails, connect with prospects, set meetings, and convert customers. The following steps were taken:

Prospect Database

Personalized Email Outreach

CAP Digisoft developed a personalized email campaign that captured the attention of prospects and clearly communicated Frontera's value proposition.

Customer Catering Menu Design

Persistent Follow-ups and Cold Calling

CAP Digisoft's SDRs were diligent in their follow-up efforts, ensuring no potential opportunity was overlooked.

Custom Email Marketing

Setting Meetings

By engaging with prospects on various channels and using effective communication techniques, CAP Digisoft's SDRs successfully set up meetings with key decision-makers.

Custom Email Marketing

Conversion Optimization

CAP Digisoft worked closely with Frontera to continuously optimize their sales process, driving better results and higher conversion rates.


After implementing CAP Digisoft's SDR services, Frontera Search Partners experienced significant improvements in their sales process, leading to the following results:

  • 5127 emails per month sent on their behalf
  • More than 25 qualified high-value prospect meetings set per month through cold-calling, social media outreach, email campaigns, and SMS - A 250% increase
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team, allowing them to focus on closing deals
  • Increased revenue and business growth


CAP Digisoft's SDR services have proven instrumental in helping Frontera Search Partners overcome their sales challenges and significantly improve their conversion rates. By leveraging the expertise and persistence of CAP Digisoft's SDRs, Frontera has successfully optimized its sales process, leading to increased revenue and business growth.

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