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What qualities make for a good influencer

What qualities make for a good influencer

Who is an influencer and how do you select one that is apt for your brand? Influencers are social media personality or bloggers with a lot of influence in their vertical. If you have a good influencer by your side, you have a great opportunity of open up a whole new avenue of prospecting for your brand.

It’s always important to have influencers with positive qualities so that you rest assured your brand is in good hands.

It may seem obvious an influencer who takes time to build a positive reputation for themselves is more likely to take time to do the same for your brand as well. In today’s marketing world, a good influencer can have a major impact on a brand. On the other hand, a bad influencer might end up doing some hefty damage.

Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that good influencers possess.

Understanding self

A good influencer is always passionate and truly cares about their vertical. Such a passion usually equates a hunger to learn more. They tend to keep themselves updated with what has happened and is happening in their industries, as well as current trends and have a clear vision for future trajectories. A passionate influencer can tirelessly speak with confidence about all aspects of their verticals.

You can trust such an influencer who is highly passionate to take time and learn about your brand.

They are very likely to make a partnership work because they know everything about you and how your brand can align with their niche audience and their field of expertise.

Understanding the market

It’s great when an influencer is an expert in their vertical and engages well with their niche audience, but they also need a good understanding of the market. Good influencers don’t just take payment and post relevant content according to your needs but rather take the time to integrate your content with more subtlety.

An influencer’s likability and authenticity increases when they don’t simply beat their followers over their heads with obviously sponsored posts. In fact, they instead try to show their following that they truly and genuinely care about the brand.

A good influencer markets your content the right way and knows how to make a win-win situation.

Understanding the target audience

The reach of an influencer is estimated by the number of followers or subscribers they have. On top of that, you need to make sure that an influencer has a certain level of reach to promote your brand – and numbers differ from industry to industry.

Apart from calculating numbers, you should make sure how well the influencer has an understanding of his target audience and the social platforms used to nurture them – this is more important than it sounds.

How, where and when to Pitch

What’s the point of having all that passion and those followers if the influencer isn’t going to engage with their niche audience? Put simply, there isn’t any.

The whole point of working with an influencer is to nurture the target audience by tapping into their audience base.

A good influencer actively engages with their audience. If your influencer keeps an active schedule to engage their audience by actively commenting, sharing, and liking on social media, it has the end result of keeping conversations going. This doesn’t mean they have to do it all the time, every day. It just means they should be well aware of how, where and when to pitch your brand to their audience in order to maximize effect.

Whom to subscribe and Where to prescribe

Any organization needs to have a brand persona. Having an influencer that fits your brand persona is an excellent way to further promote the brand and show your target audience who you are. If the influencer shares the same goals as well, your audience is definitely going to see the connection.

Once you’ve recognized these qualities in an influencer, you can confidently be sure you’ve found the perfect influencer for your brand.

Lastly, it’s crucial that you find out if the content that the influencer has generated in the past is properly aligned with your brand’s message. One way to figure this out is by checking out the influencer’s previous posts on their social media. This will give you a high-level idea of the nature of work the influencer has done in the past.

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