A client who was an attorney that tries medical-legal cases approached us to discuss the possibility of automating their Medical Case workflow and organize their cluttered medical files.

CDS Solution Approach

Prospect Database Cleansing


Our approach was to correctly unify and code documents to help create accurate databases, saving the time and effort of the end-user to a great extent. We developed a custom application to automate the process of a Medical Case workflow system that has a Customer, Admin, and Production team. The system facilitates the production workflow of the Medical Case where the unorganized medical files are processed and organized to extract the key factors from them.

New Prospect Identification


We wanted to have a system in place where the clients could easily upload the case and their files. The uploaded files go through various processes and are downloaded and transferred by the admin to the production team. The production team passes the information through various phases such as assignment, extraction, coding, sorting, Q.C check, and delivery. The final file that is prepared for delivery is transferred to the Admin and the admin transfers the files to the customer.


The client had various analytical options to search, view, and download files of different cases. They also benefited from the advanced email functionality of the system which sends emails to all the entities throughout the process of production


The client was able to organize all their documents and files in one place and had various options to view and download reports as per their preference.

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