A client who was an attorney that operates medical-legal cases approached us to discuss their decision support. They found it difficult to extract data from their medical files whilst fighting a case in court.

CDS Solution Approach

Prospect Database Cleansing


Our approach was to make it easy for the client to extract data from their medical files, in the order they wanted, and generate a useful report. We took the client's documents and fed them to our custom-developed AI application built specifically to deal with the decision support in Medical Litigation cases. The system has been developed in such a way that the data entered into the system, based on several criteria and conditions, generates reports for the attorneys to help them fight their case.

New Prospect Identification


The data is entered by the user in several forms, called the “case entry forms”, that include several other forms like BP, Chronic forms, etc. These data are entered over the patient's data and the date of occurrence of the event (incident). Based on that, the system automatically generates a report with multi-color marking to make the report easy to understand and digest. The report generated is available to download in both Excel format and PDF.


The benefits for the client included:

  • MVC pattern for efficient organization of system architecture
  • AJAX overcame the page reload issues which resulted in a quicker response time
  • Multiple domains across cases support were achieved
  • The system adapts well to mobile devices
  • Extended security features with multiple levels of logins


In the end, they saw the real benefits of our AI application which helped them fight their medical litigation case with ease. It was a huge boost to their case as they found every detail that they possibly needed, all within a click.

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CAP Digisoft would be more than happy to support and help you with decision supports in your Medical Litigation cases. Our experts combined experience with technology to make it easy for you to fight your case.

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