A client that owns a clinical lab approached us to discuss the possibility of storing their online lab records as they were facing challenges storing and viewing documents. They had no option of maintaining the history of edits made to a patient's record and lacked the ability to perform filter-based searches.

CDS Solution Approach

Prospect Database Cleansing


Our approach was to make it easy for clinics to register within the system and log in to their accessible folder to view their reports. We developed Medico - View Desk, a system that creates executives for each person that would process and upload Medical Reports. It is a dedicated system for Patients and labs who intend to store records online.

New Prospect Identification


The previously processed documents are separated from the ones that are currently being processed by the software, and all documents are synchronized once they are all fully processed. Each user is given the right to log in to their folder to view their medical reports. An expiration time is set for each folder, and the reports are viewable only until the assigned time.


The benefits for the client included:

  • A Single pane of glass to view their records
  • Scroll and zoom features added to the timeline
  • Easy identification of records based on category and industry
  • Easy upload and download of data
  • History of all edits to patient records maintained


The system enabled the client to review all levels and aspects of a patient’s medical records and summary using a unique timeline system. It gave them the options to edit data and track all data changes within the timeline system.

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