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Developing reliable, quality mobile applications is very important today as mobile devices become increasingly more popular with internet users. According to studies, worldwide mobile app store revenues are predicted to grow to $76.5 billion in 2017. Furthermore, mobile commerce is predicted to account for 24.4% of all ecommerce revenues in 2017. Businesses who don't have solid mobile apps will be missing out on major business growth and profit. 78% of smartphone users access retail sites using mobile apps, because they want on-the-go, targeted information in the convenience of a mobile application. Mobility is key in the current trends of technology, and businesses have to adapt their operations to suit the users' growing need for mobility if they want to survive and grow. CDS has developed hundreds of mobile applications for numerous businesses in a great variety of industries. We can develop and support apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. Working with CDS ensures that your mobile applications will run smoothly, provide an excellent user experience, and help you keep your business competitive in the mobile age.

Improve the user experience of your mobile apps

Because strong mobile apps are so important, you want to bring in experts with the experience and skill to make yours the best. CDS consults closely with clients on how mobile apps can be used to improve user experience. We can help you figure out the best strategies to increase return users, use best practices with push notifications, and implement user location in your mobile applications. We follow the best practices of the industry, including:

  • Effective testing
  • Enriched user experience
  • Focus on security
  • Good design
  • Selection suitable of API

We also make it a priority to care for your ROI. If a mobile application isn't the best option for your particular business, we will tell you so and make a better recommendation, like a mobile website. CDS will care for your interests as our own, so you can trust us to give you the best advice and service.

Get the best mobile app development service

When we take on a client, we handle the entire development process from start to finish, and stick around for ongoing support if needed. Our mobile app maintenance service allows you to monitor app usage and make improvements in order to get the best results. We focus on the consistency in the look and feel of apps and deliver tailor made solutions for you, providing something unique, innovative, and perfectly suited to your needs. We can consult with you on how to effectively market your app and achieve more downloads. We employ consistent and reliable development and testing practices across all the leading platforms. The code components we provide will be reusable whenever possible in order to make deliver quick and easy. CDS is dedicated to research and improvement in our team's skill and knowledge, so we are always up to date with emerging technologies and standards.

Get your free mobile app development consultation today

We have the experience, skills, and passion for excellence that you need to develop the best mobile app for your business. You can set up a free consultation to find out all the great benefits you can get when you work with CDS. With affordable payment options that could save you up to 40%, you will be making an investment in the future of your business.

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