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Key Challenges

The call center industry grapples with a high attrition rate of 30 to 45%, costing companies up to $20,000 per new agent for hiring and training. Additionally, U.S. businesses face difficulties in efficiently managing their customer support and sales teams, alongside the challenge of finding offshore call centers well-versed in U.S. culture and lifestyle. Our mission is focused on overcoming these obstacles by offering solutions that streamline operations and ensure cultural alignment, helping businesses enhance their customer engagement strategies.

Optimized Solutions for Call Center Challenges

Plug and Play Call Center offers a targeted solution to the common challenges within the call center sector. By partnering your customer service needs to our proficient Central American team, you effortlessly overcome the hurdles associated with staffing, training, and the associated financial commitments of infrastructure and operational activities.

Our inclusive service model comprehensively addresses all dimensions of call center including project coordination, hiring, training, infrastructure, service management, including performance evaluation and payroll administration, enabling you to devote your energies to your primary business operations.

Our adaptable service structure facilitates the efficient scaling of your customer service capabilities to meet varying demand levels, ensuring both cost efficiency and exceptional service quality.

Transformative Solutions
for Customer Excellence


Superior Customer Support

Outsource your customer support to nearshore locations like El Salvador for cost-efficient solutions and a skilled bilingual workforce. Our tailored support covers every touchpoint, allowing you to focus on core operations while enhancing brand reputation with dedicated support.

Tailored superior customer support solutions
  • Elevate support with tailored solutions from nearshore locations.
  • Gain a strategic advantage by outsourcing to locations like El Salvador.
  • Enjoy comprehensive solutions covering every customer touchpoint.
  • Partner with us for dedicated support, satisfaction, and brand reputation.

Expert Tech Support

For tech startups, quality tech support is integral to the product experience. Plug and Play Call Center offers specialized services tailored for startups' dynamic needs, including Product Demos and Software Tech Support, ensuring timely and effective assistance.

Our specialized tech support services for startups
  • Comprehensive guidance for product demos, enhancing user understanding.
  • Tailored assistance for software startups, addressing technical inquiries.
  • Flexible services adapting to startup needs and customer demands.
  • Freeing startups to concentrate on core innovation and growth.

Dynamic Inside Sales Support

Dynamic inside sales support is crucial for seizing opportunities and converting leads effectively. Nearshore support from El Salvador offers seamless integration with North American markets, cost-effective scalability, and skilled professionals.

Our Inside Sales Support Solutions
  • Targeted lead identification and nurturing for high conversion potential.
  • Tailored sales support campaigns aligned with your business objectives.
  • Efficient CRM-driven pipeline management for seamless lead progression.
  • Integrated sales team extension dedicated to achieving your objectives.

Cost Efficiency

Achieve significant savings on staffing costs while ensuring high service quality.


Our solutions are designed to be up to 50% more cost-effective, delivering unmatched value without compromising on service quality.

Expert Management

Our dedicated team manages all staffing aspects, aligning with your strategic goals.

Simplified Operations

We take on payroll, reporting, and administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on core activities.

Flexibility and Scalability

Adjust your support team's size as needed, ensuring efficiency and responsiveness.

Cultural Alignment

Our nearshore team is deeply familiar with US culture, ensuring a seamless service experience for your customers.

Our Top Best Practices

Employee Training and Development

Continuous training program ensure agents are updated with product knowledge, communication skills, and service techniques.

Quality Assurance

Regular monitoring maintains high service standards and identifies areas for improvement.

Efficient Use of Technology

Leveraging advanced call center technologies such as CRM systems, ACD, IVR, and workforce management tools for enhanced productivity.

Performance Metrics and KPIs

Monitoring KPIs like AHT, FCR, CSAT scores, and NPS to gauge effectiveness and identify improvement opportunities.

Proactive Communication

Keeping customers informed about new products, services, or changes and reaching out proactively to resolve potential issues.

Agent Empowerment

Empowering agents with authority and resources to resolve issues effectively, improving both Employee satisfaction and customer experience.

Tailored Solutions
for Immediate Impact

Plug and Play Call Center provides customized solutions for unique business challenges. Our approach ensures rapid integration and scalable solutions for immediate impact.

Here’s how we make this happen:

Customized Expertise

A Foundation for Success:
  • Exclusive Customer Success Team: We assign a dedicated team to each client, fostering a deep partnership.
  • Industry-Specific Knowledge: Our teams specialize in various industries, offering tailored insights and solutions.
  • Personalized Strategy Development: We collaborate closely to align strategies with your brand's voice.

Quick Integration

Seamless Transition for Swift Results:
  • Streamlined Onboarding Process: Quick and efficient onboarding for rapid implementation.
  • Advanced Technological Infrastructure: Cutting-edge tech integration for seamless service.
  • Immediate Operational Uplift: Day one sees a boost in operational capabilities.

Adaptive Scaling

Growing with Your Business:
  • Flexible Service Offerings: Easily scalable solutions to meet evolving business needs.
  • Resource Allocation Optimization: Continuous monitoring ensures efficient resource utilization.
  • Long-term Partnership for Growth: Committed to adapting services for sustained success and growth.

Our Client Testimonials

Raving Reviews: Our Client's Success Story

Unveil the inspiring transformation of one of our valued clients in their own words. Dive into their captivating testimonial to learn how our services played a pivotal role in their journey to success. Get ready to be motivated and see how we can make a difference for you too. Don't miss this extraordinary client success story.

"CAP Digisoft Team has worked on several websites for me. I have not found a better company to work with. They are fast and thorough. CEO has built a strong team."


Anil Keswani

"Thank you and your team for such an outstanding job with the website and met all our requirements. We appreciate the professionalism and quick turnaround time!. I enjoyed working with you and your team and will definitely keep you guys in mind for future project."


Cody Ngo

"I want to thank you for all that you do, week in and week out, helping us fight the battle to bring in revenue and new clients. You work with diligence, excellence and integrity, and I’m grateful for you. You help us make a difference in the lives of business owners and their families across North America, in the lives of our team, and in my life as well. I am most appreciative, and thankful."


Terry Johnson

We warmly invite
to visit us!

Located in El Salvador, our call center operates in close synergy with our head office in Dallas. We're eager to host you in El Salvador, offering you a firsthand glimpse into our vibrant work culture and providing an opportunity to engage directly with our exceptional team of agents. It's an excellent chance for you to experience the dedication and expertise that define our services and witness how we can transform your customer support operations firsthand.

We embrace technology
swiftly and efficiently

Our call center services and our agents are at the forefront of technological advancements. Leveraging AI, we automate follow-ups, ensuring no opportunity is missed. With Machine Learning, we gain insights into prospect behavior, optimizing our follow-up schedule for maximum engagement. Our use of Auto Dialers enables us to contact prospects simultaneously, enhancing our outreach efficiency. Recognizing that adaptation and innovation are key to success, we are dedicated to integrating these proven technologies into our Plug and Play Call Center solutions, ensuring our clients benefit from the most cutting-edge tools and methods available.

Our Commitment to Excellence

AI-Driven Efficiency

Our agents are equipped with AI tools for superior service.

Personalized Services

Tailored solutions that align with your business goals.

Operational Excellence

We set and monitor high productivity standards to ensure unparalleled efficiency.

Certified Excellence

Our programs are bolstered by CAP Digisoft's ISO 27001 and HIPAA certifications, emphasizing our commitment to quality and data security in bringing your app to life. Through a combination of expert guidance, strategic development, and comprehensive market analysis, we aim to elevate your app into the successful 0.5%, ensuring it is not only developed with precision but also positioned for market success and growth.



Business Process
(Process Facilities)


Data Center
(IBM and AWS)

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