Simple Learning Starts Here

What is Practica?

Practica is an easy to use all in one place App designed for schools & colleges to help educators manage, measure, and enhance learning experiences using simple chat based system. This digitally powered App can empower and improvise teaching and learning methods for students and teachers to connect from anywhere, on any device that gives the class more flexibility and mobility.


During the pandemic period, most schools and colleges including private tuition institutions opted for free tools available online to manage classes, send notifications, share assignments, fee payments and record attendance. The scope and customization in the free Apps is that it is limited as insights and analytic reports cannot be determined

CDS Solution Approach

We developed a fully functional solution “Practica” for educators and students with a simple and user friendly dashboard to manage and enhance learning experiences. The communication between teachers, Parents and students is made simpler as the progress from day one can be monitored. Teachers can plan, assign, schedule and evaluate assessments from anywhere.


  • Schedule online classes
  • Manage multiple classes
  • View student profile
  • Pay student fees
  • Mark attendance
  • Upload lessons
  • Schedule assessments online
  • Evaluate assessments
  • Reward Marks
  • View progress card
  • Responsive Chat interface (Parents, Teachers & Student chat)
  • Share Notification in advance
  • Private & Secured
  • Zero Maintenance

Technology Stack

  • PHP
  • Json
  • Mysql
  • Linux
  • Apache


Practica a practical solution for simple learning has led to Integrated and connected many school management that not only connect and serve every educator and student user needs but also seamlessly changed the Offline and Online learning worlds.

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