The best place to meet-up

What is Reeler?

Reeler is the next generation Hook App to catch up with friends and hook them for a meet at a desired location. It is the best place to catch up your friends who are new to town or long-time locals with the simplest of UI to track their way and help each other meet.


There are a lot of free Apps to meet and spark new friendships but there isn’t a best way to stay connected and throw hooks to catch up with the good old friends and plan a meet in regular intervals at your favourite spot. Other Apps have a lot of distractions as they want users to try limitless options and lose the track of what they are looking for in that App.

CDS Solution Approach

We came up with Reeler, simple yet powerful way to catch up with your online and lock their time to spend with your team. We enabled a smart and dynamic geo tag to find out your friends so that you can throw hooks to make sure they join you for the meetup.Best platform for friends to Plan a place, connect, track and meetup.


Perfect meetup plan starts here. Explore the perfect App with Reeler that gives you access to

  • Create Profiles
  • Find friends
  • Find Meetup Destination
  • Create Meetup plan
  • Throw meetup hook invites
  • Accept/ Reject Hook
  • Share notification
  • Dynamic Map Viewer
  • Track and follow friends to destination

Enjoy your Meetup and create long lasting memories together.

Technology Stack

  • Flutter
  • DART
  • Firebase


We heard you! Now there is an App exclusive to plan meetups. Now people can stop saying “there is no time to catch up with friends in Real-time.”

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