Performance Tracker & Store Optimizer

What is Sunbelt?

Sunbelt is market share tracker tool is a software that allows businesses to monitor, rate and analyze their market share in a specific industry or market. Sunbelt is designed to gather data from integrated sources, such as market research firms, industry reports, and company financial statements, to provide a comprehensive view of a business's market position with insights.


The risks of manually integrating solutions for multiple supplier products can be a challenging process that requires careful planning and attention to detail as synchronized entries can lead to errors, such as missing or incorrect information. Also, tracking the performance of the products by integrating multiple systems manually can be labor-intensive and require dedicated resources, which can be costly and inefficient.

CDS Solution Approach

We came up with Sunbelt Systems, simple yet powerful management information system that can help businesses understand their competitive landscape, identify trends and changes in the market, and measure the success of their marketing and sales efforts. They can also provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can inform product development and pricing strategies.


Best tool for Companies to integrate vendor products that can Track, Rebate & optimize store management.Businesses can Analyse, Track and Execute successful business strategies.

  • User Friendly Dashboard Controls
  • Integrate Multiple Supplier products (Product Name, Manufacturer Name & Category)
  • Set Performance Metrics with Code and Access Number
  • Track Unit based Performance
  • Multi-Level Product staging from Store
  • Views the Performance Report of the Store
  • Enter the Rebate calculation values
  • Export to the Quick Books
  • Analyse Market share
  • Make decisions based on insights

Technology Stack


Sunbelt Systems is made for businesses of all sizes and industries, as they provide a way to track and understand market dynamics and make informed business decisions.

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