A client that runs a firm approached us for an order and tracking tool as they did not have the necessary expertise to select an efficient vendor. They lacked proper tracking options and the existing systems and processes were manual and time-consuming.

CDS Solution Approach

Prospect Database Cleansing


Our approach was to develop a cloud-based Workflow System solution that can act as an order and tracking tool - a workflow management system along with inbuilt CMS. We developed a fully customized and automated system where the process of Document Management could be done entirely online. Revilix, previously known as “Vendor Tree”, utilizes a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based Workflow System solution which is an application that acts as an order and tracking tool. The system eliminates industry defects related to ordering, tracking, quality, process, delivery, and pricing.

New Prospect Identification


Firms registered with the Workflow Management System can create a job and submit job-related documents. The selection of services required for jobs is handled via a user-friendly template in which the services are selected by clicking a button or checkboxes. Selected services are auto-compiled into a single job order and sent to Workflow management System. The system then selects a suitable vendor and submits the job to them. The vendor completes the job and returns it to Workflow management System.


The benefits to the client included:

  • The process of job handling was user-friendly
  • They were able to close the job cycle quickly
  • Various services were combined into a single job
  • The process documents were maintained in a HIPAA compliant Cloud
  • Fast and intuitive process completion
  • There was no requirement for a repository of documents from the firm’s end


In the end, the client saw the real benefits of the Workflow Management System that performs a routine check of documents and approves them to be forwarded to the firm. The Invoices related to the job are also maintained within the system.

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CAP Digisoft would be more than happy to support and help you with an order and tracking tool. Our experts have combined experience with technology to make it easy for you to eliminate industry defects.

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