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Your web presence is the face and first impression you present to consumers around the world. B2B and B2C consumers are researching your product or service online before they ever get in touch with you directly, and a responsible company takes charge of what these consumers will find. Any digital footprint counts today, whether it appears as product details, reviews, images, digital catalogs, professional blogs, or anything else. Medium and larger companies need to monitor and maintain their web presence, and an excellent way to do this is with a Content Management System like the ones CDS can create and support.

CDS has the experts in CMS

Having expert support with your content management can help you improve your web presence and present a better face to your current and potential customers. CDS supports the following CMS:




We can ensure that the content associated with your company is helping your business succeed. If you need, we can create quality content and publish it for you as well. We manage almost every type of digital content, including blogs, eBooks, infographics, presentations, and white papers to help improve your PR. We also offer content version management as part of our support. The more quality content you have published online, the more customers will hear of your name and recognize your brand as reputable. CDS also offers CMS server management support, and we can distribute server load based on the number of user hits to give a uniform customer experience to all of your website's visitors. The smoother you can make your users' experiences, the better. Image optimization is very important, especially with Apple retina display for your iOS mobile users, and it is a service included in our CMS options. Your pictures will appear crisp and clean, and they will load fast. CDS has custom support available for all of your images.

We can also provide these value added services

  • Managing Digital Content
  • Sourcing Digital Content ideas
  • Repurposing same content
  • Tracking ROI on content investment
  • Tracking best performing content
  • Integrating social media with CMS

With our Digital Marketing background, we have an in-depth understanding of the need for effective CMS and its dependency. CDS can provide on-shore, in-house CMS in an off-shore way, with up to 40% cost saving.

The CDS team has a combination of different CMS and Digital marketing expertise because we own our own brands, which makes CDS a unique CMS partner for midsize and larger corporations.

Get a free CMS evaluation and recommendation today

CDS offers a large menu of services that all tie in together to give you expert, comprehensive digital solutions. CMS support goes hand in hand with website and digital marketing services offered by CDS, so don't forget to check out the Digital Marketing services we have to offer as well. Our off-shore model can help you save up to 40%, and you will still have the convenience of an on-shore management resource to fill in the gaps if necessary. We can offer you excellent CMS that will fit within your budget so that consumers see only excellent content when they research your brand. Contact us and take a step toward improving your digital footprint today.

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